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Windsurfing on the California coast
Kitesurfing at Waddel Beach
At the Fleet Week Airshow 2018
Colorful kite surfer
Blue Angels 2019
Aerobatic maneuver by Sean D Tucker in the Oracle Challenger III at Fleet Week Airshow 2018
At the Fleet Week 2018 Airshow. Michael Wiskus in the Lucas Oil Pitts biplane, known as the Super Stinker, S-1-11B
Fleet Week Airshow 2018
Team Oracle at Fleet Week 2019
Fleet Week 2018. Oracle Air Team, Sean D Tucker and John De Gennaro. Sean in the custom Challenger III biplane and John in the Extra 300L
Lone kite surfer
Pacific Ocean, California coast
Viewed from Ocean Beach
Looking out at Fort Funston
Diamond 360
Flying the Areo L-39 Albatross fighter/ trainer jet. Taken at the Fleet Week Airshow 2018.
Delta Breakout formation. Blue Angels at Fleet Week 2019.
Team Oracle, Sean Tucker and Jessy Panzer
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