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iPhone photo SP_18003632
IMG_1445 (Windsurfing on the California coast)
IMG_1493 (Kitesurfing at Waddel Beach)
IMG_9526 (At the Fleet Week Airshow  2018)
IMG_1502 (Colorful kite surfer)
IMG_9216 (Blue Angels 2019)
IMG_9251 (Aerobatic maneuver by Sean D Tucker in the Oracle Challenger III at Fleet Week Airshow 2018)
IMG_8167 (At the Fleet Week 2018 Airshow. Michael Wiskus in the Lucas Oil Pitts biplane, known as the Super Stinker, S-1-11B)
IMG_8381-2 (Fleet Week Airshow 2018)
IMG_8876 (Team Oracle at Fleet Week 2019)
IMG_8506 (Fleet Week 2018. Oracle Air Team, Sean D Tucker and John De Gennaro. Sean in the custom Challenger III biplane and John in the Extra 300L)
IMG_1294 (Lone kite surfer)
IMG_1313 (Pacific Ocean, California coast)
IMG_0790 (Viewed from Ocean Beach)
IMG_4349 (Looking out at Fort Funston)
IMG_8982 (Diamond 360)
IMG_9195 (Flying the Areo L-39 Albatross fighter/ trainer jet. Taken at the Fleet Week Airshow 2018.)
IMG_9834 (Delta Breakout formation. Blue Angels at Fleet Week 2019.)
IMG_8772 (Team Oracle, Sean Tucker and Jessy Panzer)

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