Into the teeth of the surf. Before the storm. 
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I have been a photographer since childhood. My passion ignited on a 50 mile hike in the Sierra as a boy scout. My compact instamatic camera got a workout. Shortly after, I graduated to an SLR camera. I wore my first SLR, a Praktica, around my neck for almost all my senior year in high school.

Into the teeth of the surf
Into the teeth of the surf

Bean Hollow State Beach, Pescadero CA

Into the teeth of the surf. Before the storm. 

Here in northern California the storm door is open. And welcome, please, come in! Not only bringing the much needed rain and snow, but also GREAT photo opportunities. Between the strands of clouds moving through along the coast, the ocean offers some powerful beauty. Here’s just one example.

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Canon EOS Rebel T3, 23mm, f/8.0, 1/160, ISO 400



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