Late fall sunrise. Mist and fall colors.
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I have been a photographer since childhood. My passion ignited on a 50 mile hike in the Sierra as a boy scout. My compact instamatic camera got a workout. Shortly after, I graduated to an SLR camera. I wore my first SLR, a Praktica, around my neck for almost all my senior year in high school.

Late fall colors
Late fall colors

Cannon River, Northfield MN


Late fall sunrise. Mist and fall colors.


Searching for fall colors in California is a bit of a hot or miss proposition. They eventually will show up, but maybe not all at once or as dramatic as they show up in the northern states. I was recently in Northfield Minnesota to pay my respects to my Uncle Don’s passing. And on a cold, but calm and clear morning I took a walk along the Cannon River that flows through the town. At the time, most of the leaves had turned and fallen.


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Canon EOS 77D, 18-270mm, 70mm, f/8.0, 1/300, ISO 3200



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